Residential special schools and the Intensive Wraparound Service (IWS)

Part of a student’s IWS plan could include enrolment at one of New Zealand’s residential special schools. The aim is for a brief enrolment with a planned programme for the student’s stay. Then they return to their usual school.

The IWS psychologist discusses the placement with the student’s parents or carers. Then the psychologist, the parent or carer, and the school meet to discuss and agree to an individualised programme that the school prepares to support the student.

Residential schools

Three schools provide specialist services for students with highly complex challenging behaviour and social and learning needs.

Westbridge Residential School (external link)  is for girls and boys.

Halswell Residential College (external link)  is for boys and girls, including boys and girls with an intellectual difficulty.

Salisbury School (external link)  is for girls, including girls with an intellectual difficulty.

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