When a student transfers or leaves school

Students changing school take their Ministry assistive technology with them. Students leaving school need to contact their local Ministry of Education office.

Changing schools

Students who are changing schools, should take their technology with them.

Whenever possible, the transition to the new school should be planned and information about the technology's purpose and use shared with the new school. We suggest the following information is shared:

  • A copy of the original assistive technology application.
  • A meeting involving people from both the student's former school and new school.
  • A video or multimedia presentation showing the student or their team explaining why the assistive technology is needed and how it is currently being used
  • An e-portfolio with specific examples of the technology's use and purpose.

Ask for permission from the student’s family and whānau before sharing information.

As part of the process, schools also need to complete a transfer form to formally transfer the technology.

Transfer form [DOCX, 137 KB]

Visit the Inclusive Education Online Knowledge Centre (external link)  for more ideas and resources on what to do when a student changes schools.

Leaving school

When a student is leaving school, contact your local Ministry office to arrange the next step.

The next step may be one of 3 options depending on the situation:

  • returning the student’s assistive technology to the your local Ministry of Education office
  • transferring it to the Ministry of Health (for technology items valued at more than $5,000)
  • gifting to the student (under $5,000).

No longer needing the technology

If your student no longer needs the assistive technology you need to download and complete the transfer form.

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