Setting up and managing the assistive technology

The technology needs to be set up for first use and then looked after on an ongoing basis. The use of the technology needs to be reviewed after the first 6 months and then on a regular basis.

Getting the assistive technology set up

Once a student has a piece of assistive technology the school needs to take full ownership of the technology. This means:

  • listing the technology on the school’s asset register so that it's covered by the school's insurance
  • organising for school software and any antivirus software to be loaded onto the technology and for the technology to be linked to the school’s networks 
  • keeping a record of relevant serial and asset numbers, warranties and proof of purchase
  • filing items related to technology maintenance and use (eg, any original software, manuals etc).

Management plan

Use this plan to detail how the assistive technology is looked after, stored, maintained, carried around and whether it can be taken home by the student – with the principal’s permission.

Download the management plan template [DOCX, 134 KB]

Monitor and review

The school team needs to complete a review of the technology within 6 months of the student's first use of the technology or at the next scheduled Individual Education Plan (IEP).They should continue to review the technology on a regular basis to ensure it continues to meet the student’s needs.

Download the review form to guide you through the process [DOCX, 133 KB]

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