TELA laptops for teachers and principals

TELA is a laptop leasing scheme for eligible principals and teachers in state and state integrated schools. From 1 March 2018,TELA will become TELA+ and be managed by a new provider.

TELA+ product catalogue

You can use the TELA+ product catalogue (external link) for orders to be placed after 1 March. The new catalogue offers selected models from Acer, Apple, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft. The range includes laptops, tablets and Chromebooks and will be updated from time to time as new models are released.

Existing TELA scheme information

How to get access to the scheme

Schools must first opt into the scheme by either ringing or emailing the TELA helpdesk.

TELA helpdesk contact details

Tel: 0800 438 468

Eligibility to join the scheme

Schools must be state or state integrated.

Teachers must be:

  • permanent full-time or part-time (at least 50% full-time equivalent) teacher
  • working with Years 1 to 13 classes
  • relieving for a permanent position in Year 1 to 13 classes (long-term relievers are only eligible if they are relieving for a permanent position that doesn't have a laptop).

The scheme provides

Once schools have opted into the scheme they have a choice of 3 suppliers and 9 laptop models. Laptops are leased for 3 years and then replaced

Other services provide by the scheme include:

  • a helpdesk
  • ordering portal
  • stock management and distribution
  • Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQs)
  • leasing services
  • warranty and indemnity repair services.

Returning laptops at the end of the lease period

Schools need to make sure they remove any data before returning laptops using the process described in the FAQ document on the TELA website homepage (external link)

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