Submitting your documents

Before submitting

  • Use Microsoft Office products to create your planning and reporting documents. If this isn't possible save your documents (eg Google docs) in a Microsoft Office format (eg .docx or .xlsx).
  • All documents must be 22MB or less to be successfully uploaded to the School Data Portal.
  • Make sure you have an education sector logon (ESL) so that you can access the School Data Portal.

Charters and analysis of variance

Charters and analysis of variance must be submitted in either .doc or .PDF format through the School Data Portal.

School Data Portal

Go to the charter overview and download the optional template 

Go to the analysis of variance overview to download the optional template

Help with logging into the School Data Portal

Go to Support for logging into the Portal

You can also contact the Education Service Desk on 0800 422 599 or for help logging in.

Your Education Advisor from your local Ministry Office can also help with submitting your documents.

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