School Transport - Information for Directly Resourced schools

School boards with Direct Resourcing are paid a quarterly grant to arrange school transport assistance for eligible students. Direct Resourcing arrangements will only be made where they benefit (or at the very least do not detract from) the efficiency of the Ministry's school transport operations.

Funding rates

Rates are paid to school boards quarterly, and are reviewed every year.

These rates are for 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019.


Base rate

Per kilometre rate $3.03
Admin rate (per route) $176

How is the quarterly payment worked out?

The amount the school is paid for each route is:

Base rate + (daily kilometres x per kilometre rate) x number of days the route runs ÷ 4 + ($176 admin rate + GST).

Routes and stops

Directly Resourced schools (or schools that are part of a Directly Resourced network) can design their own routes - so long as they comply with their funding agreement.

Eligible students

Students at Directly Resourced schools have to meet the same eligibility criteria as other schools, see: School Transport - Eligibility.

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