Wellbeing for staff

Use this information to help you and your staff manage a variety of wellbeing issues. 

General health and wellbeing resources

AEDs in Schools Cardiac arrest can affect anyone, even young people, without warning. To support schools we have worked with the New Zealand Resuscitation Council, St John, Red Cross and the Ministry of Health to develop a factsheet AEDS in schools.
Auckland Regional public health services A hub of resources created by the Auckland Regional Public Health Service.
Education Council health and wellbeing space Information aimed at helping you take care of yourself and to help  to bring balance and
perspective to your hectic schedule.
Health Navigator App library A library of health related apps that have been reviewed by the Ministry of Health so you know if they are safe or if they work.
NZEI Resources Resources created for members of the NZEI.
NZPF Resources Resources created for members of NZPF.
NZSTA professional deveopment Professional development and general wellbeing resources from the Schools Trustees Association.
PPTA Resources Resources created for members of the PPTA.
Workwell health NZ A workplace wellbeing initiative that provides a comprehensive framework and advisor support in many areas of New Zealand.
WorkSafe - resources from the regulator Has a range of resources including wellbeing, bullying prevention, toolkits and much more.
Ministry of Health: general resources The Ministry of Health leads New Zealand’s health and disability system, and has overall responsibility for the management and development of that system. There website has a range of health and well-being resources.
ACC preventing injury How to prevent or reduce work related injuries, fatalities and health issues to help make sure everyone who goes to work, comes home healthy and safe, every day.

Healthy living and lifestyle

Health navigator: healthy living A selection of Ministry of Health funded information to help you make healthier choices. These include what to eat, being active, whether we choose to smoke and how much alcohol we drink.
Healthy choice case study Case study from Rotorua Lakes Council about how they created easily accessible healthy food choices for their staff
Heart Foundation: Wellbeing There's a lot you can do to keep your heart healthy - whatever your age.
World of Psychology: Ways to relax and unwind 20 ways to help you relax and unwind.
Health Navigator: Sleep Help with common sleep problems to get a better night's sleep.
Well Place: Smoke free Ideas for a smokefree workplace.
Mental Health Foundation: Rainbow health The Public Health Needs of LGBTTI Communities in Aotearoa New Zealand with Policy Recommendations.
Mental Health Foundation: Takatapui Many takatāpui enjoy the love and support of their whānau (family), regardless of their gender identity or sexuality. Some whānau struggle. This can result in takatāpui being disconnected not only from their whānau, hapū and iwi but also from their Māori culture. This print and video resource was created to provide information and support for takatāpui and their whānau.
PPTA: LGBT teachers PPTA's Rainbow Taskforce for Safe Schools has been operating for about 14 years. Its job is to help make secondary schools safe and welcoming places for  lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex students, family/whanau members and teachers.

Stress management

Employment NZ: stress in the workplace General information from Employment New Zealand about workplace stress
Heart Foundation: managing stress

Interested in the link between stress and heart disease? Find out more and
learn tips to manage your stress levels.

Stress and how to handle it - Mental Health Foundation Ideas from the Mental Health Foundation on how to manage stress

Physical wellbeing

Auckland Regional Public Health Service: an active person is a healthy person This is an 8 week walking programme that can be done individually or as a team.
Auckland Regional Public Health Service: Move Aotearoa Move Aotearoa is a campaign to get teams of people to walk the length of New Zealand virtually. Over an 8 week period each person walks up to 10,000
steps a day.








Computer use to prevent injury

ACC: Habit at work Use this self help tool to help you manage and prevent physical discomfort in your work environment.
ACC: Guidelines for using computers This is a best practice guide for computer use and to help with the early identification and management of computer related discomfort, pain
and injury.







Worklife balance and managing workload

Rest and meal breaks Guidelines from the PPTA

Flexible Work Entitlements

Flexible working arrangements can help employees and employers.
ACC: Home time campaign Home Time is designed to raise awareness about health and safety, and challenge us to make our workplaces safer and healthier for everyone
PPTA Workload Taskforce Report 2016 The PPTA Workload Taskforce Report 2016 identifies a range of workload pressures for secondary teachers and suggestions for addressing these issues.
Employment NZ: Work Life Balance Tips, benefits and resources for having a healthy worklife balance

Worker wellness and mental health

State Services Commission: Worker Wellness Resource Kit This Worker Wellness Resource Kit has been put
together by the State Services Commission with assistance from the Public
Service Association, Worksafe New Zealand and MBIE as part of the Health and Safety Cross-sector Programme.This programme aims to support agencies'readiness for the implementation of the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.
Health Navigator: Men's Health Men's health includes some important topics to be aware of and things you can do to keep well.
Mental Health Foundation: resources Mental Health Foundation resources for positive mental health and wellbeing.
Mental Health Foundation: Wellbeing Building 5 actions into your day to day life improves wellbeing.
Education Council health and wellbeing space  Try the health and safety related quiz to see how you compare to your co-workers.
Wellbeing for success: a resource for schools - ERO This helps schools evaluate and improve student wellbeing. SChools need to look after the wellbeing of all students as well as being able to respond to wellbeing concerns for students who need additional support.
Returning to work after experiencing mental illness and other mental health issues  Help with returning to work after a mental illness or other mental health issues.
Mental Health Foundation: Looking to the future - choices for older workers  Information and choices for older workers
Health Promotion Agency: Awareness of sources
of help for depression
 Find help for depression

Workplace bullying

PPTA: Safety in schools toolkit [PDF; 1.17MB] New Zealand Post Primary Teachers' Association / Te Wehengarua (PPTA) resource to assist schools in developing and implementing effective anti-violence policies, practice and procedures, including dealing with bullying, harassment and assault.
WorkSafe: Bullying Prevention [PDF; 2.24MB] Workplace bullying is a significant hazard. Not only does it affect people physically and mentally, it can disrupt workplaces and reduce productivity. Employers who don’t deal with it risk breaching legislation, such as the Health and Safety in Employment Act 2015, the Employment Relations Act 2000 and the Human Rights Act 1993.


Our factsheets have been written for schools, ECEs and kōhanga reo to use

Health and wellbeing programmes [PDF, 150 KB]: Health and wellbeing programmes and work-life balance, and impact on the health and performance of workers

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