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February 2017

Property Portal

The Property portal is now live. On this site schools can access the Property Maintenance Grant and School Property Guide previously accessed via PMIS.

January 2017

Project management forms

New project management forms have been added - Design Fees Release Form, Invoice Templates, and Ministry-led Project Forms.

PMIS update

Updated information about the Ministry's Property Information System (PMIS), and how to access up-to-date school property data.

December 2016

Project management forms

Project management forms have been replaced, including an Interim Asset Update Form.

Construction contracts

Following feedback after their release in October, we've made some changes to the Construction Works Templates.

Read about the changes, and download the updated templates and guidance:

Health and safety

The Health and safety management page has been reorganised so related topics are grouped together. There is also new information about health and safety for contractors working on property projects.

November 2016

Construction rates

Construction rates have been updated, and the new rates are to be used for projects approved after 1 December 2016

October 2016

New asbestos risk management checklist

A checklist has been added to the asbestos management page to help contractors be sure they are following all the steps for safe asbestos risk management.

Construction contracts

Updated templates and guidelines for construction contracts.

New templates must be used from 17 October 2016.

Designing Quality Learning Spaces - Acoustics

A substantial update on the 2007 guide. It will become mandatory for all projects starting from 1 January 2017.

Read about key changes and download the PDF:

Reference Design - ugrading Nelson two storey blocks to flexible learning spaces

Each reference design package contains a general briefing document for Boards of Trustees, supported with three appendices of technical information, including:

  • an architectural scope and design plans with layout options and enhancements
  • a structural scope including structural calculations, design features report, accessibility report, and fire report; and
  • an estimated cost analysis.

Read more and download all the reference design packages:

Reference Design - Toilets

New information includes:

  • written guidelines
  • example drawing layouts for design teams to use when planning to build new (or upgrade existing) toilet facilities

Read more and download the guide:


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