Pools: Pay for maintenance

Find out how to pay for pool maintenance.

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  • Pay for capital work
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The funding you use to maintain your school pool depends on whether it is capital work or operational maintenance.

For information about the difference between capital and maintenance costs (under ‘Discuss the budget’ heading):

Pay for operational maintenance

All schools receive the same amount of operational funding whether they have a pool or not. This is because schools that have pools must pay to keep their pool operational, and schools that do not have pools will have transport and/or other costs to use a shared-use pool.

Use operational funding for:

  • pool chemicals
  • water charges
  • heating charges
  • water testing charges
  • the salary and training of the person responsible for maintaining pool hygiene and maintenance, such as the caretaker (ground staff get $4.40 per day for looking after a pool).

Use your Property Maintenance Grant (PMG) for the following work:

  • painting the pool and surrounds
  • fence repairs
  • repairing and servicing the filtration plant
  • caring for ancillary buildings like changing rooms, storage sheds and roofing structures
  • repairing pool covers.

If your school has a pool then your PMG calculation will include a component based on the size of the pool.

Outside school hours

Operational funding for heat, light, and water doesn’t cover costs of running a pool outside school hours.

Pay for capital work

Capital work will improve the value of an asset.

Capital work may involve:

  • resurfacing the pool
  • major upgrading of fences and ancillary buildings
  • building new plant and facilities.

Pay for the capital maintenance work using either:

A swimming pool maintenance upgrade is generally a priority 4 project.

For information about funding priorities (under 'Consider spending priorities for your 10YPP' heading):

You must include any capital work planned for your pool in your 10YPP.

Pools at the end of their economic life

We will not usually agree to a 10YPP that includes capital work to upgrade a pool that has come to the end of its economic life.

We might make an exception based on your individual circumstances such as:

  • extreme geographical remoteness
  • how close you are to other school pools or local authority pools.

Contact your local Ministry office for more information about applying for an exemption to upgrade an older pool.

Pay to repair damage

Swimming pools are not an entitlement under the School Property Guide (SPG). For this reason, the Ministry’s School Building Insurance Funding Programme does not cover damage to swimming pools, their surrounds or associated facilities.

If your swimming pool is damaged, you must pay for repairs using board funding, PMG or 5YA, depending on the type and extent of the damage. If you do not have enough funding for this, other Ministry funds may be available.

Talk to your local Ministry office.

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