Pools: Community use

Find out about arrangements for community pool use.

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  • Health and safety
  • Leasing pools
  • Costs of running a pool outside school hours


Keeping a school pool open or available outside of core school hours is a decision for the board of trustees.

Health and safety

Schools have a duty to all "others" in the workplace, and this includes people using school pools inside and outside of normal school hours (eg summer holidays). Any visitors to your workplace also have a duty to look after their own health and safety.

The board of trustees must be able to show that the school has taken all reasonable steps to ensure health and safety.

Reasonable steps could include:

  • an update in a school newsletter setting the schools expectations for use of school grounds outside of normal school hours
  • procedures for day-to-day pool management and rules for pool users

The board should have a policy around the management of use outside of school hours. This could include volunteer/parent run system with overall supervision by a staff member.

Also see: Pools: Safety at the pool.

Leasing pools

Information for boards: Leasing or hiring school land and buildings.

Costs of running a pool outside school hours

Heat, light and water funding (from operational funding) doesn’t cover costs of running pool outside school hours.

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