Pools: Build or replace

Find out how to build or replace a pool, and how to pay for it.

On this page:

  • New Zealand Standard requirements
  • Recommended pool sizes
  • Changing rooms, toilets and showers
  • Pay for a new or replacement swimming pool

New Zealand Standard requirements

When building or upgrading a school pool, you must meet the requirements of NZS 4441:2008 'Swimming Pool Design' Standard.

The ‘Swimming Pool Design’ Standard covers:

  • the design and construction of swimming pools
  • water treatment facilities
  • contracting requirements for designing and constructing swimming pools
  • requirements for safety and good operational management.

Buy the Standard:

Recommended pool sizes

The Ministry’s recommended school pool sizes are:

  • for primary/composite schools, 25 by 6 metres
  • for intermediate/secondary schools, 33.3 by 12 metres.

Changing rooms, toilets and showers

You must provide changing rooms for pool users that have:

  • adequate privacy for pool users to change, giving regard to the gender, cultural or religious requirements of the school community
  • adequate lighting, ventilation and drainage
  • dry places to store belongings.

When upgrading your facilities, you must also ensure there are toilets within the pool enclosure.

Showers, preferably warm, are recommended but are not mandatory.

Pay for a new or replacement swimming pool

There is no Ministry funding for building or replacing a school pool - a pool is not a School Property Guide (SPG) entitlement.

You can use board funding (such as grants and fundraising). This funding will need to cover all associated facilities.

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