Your 10YPP

The 10YPP sets a 10-year schedule of property work.

In your 10YPP, you: 

  • prioritise
    • health and safety work that keeps buildings safe
    • essential infrastructure works
  • plan for maintenance work
  • plan for any potential changes in roll numbers
  • plan to modernise learning spaces
  • request other capital funding, if available, such as new teaching space for roll growth.

Your Property Occupancy Document (POD) requires you to have a 10YPP. 

You must also formally submit a new 10YPP to us every 5 years as part of getting approval for your 5 Year Agreement (5YA) funding.

Your 10YPP helps ensure that your school buildings are maintained and can support twenty-first century teaching and learning.

School planning overview

The diagram shows how a 10YPP fits into the overall process of school planning, funding and project management.

10YPP Planning Process

A board of trustees uses their school charter, Condition Assessment data, Innovative Learning Environment assessment and other inputs to inform their 10YPP. The Ministry of Education also sets rules on how boards should manage their school property, and provides funding. Once the Ministry approves the 10YPP, the board and the Ministry then undertake the projects in accordance with the property management requirements. The Ministry monitors the school roll for any changes.

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