Step 5 : Get approval for your 10YPP

After completing the 5 steps to get approval, you can begin projects.

Step 1: Discuss and review with your Property Adviser

When your 10YPP Consultant (Property Planner) has drafted your 10YPP, review it with your Property Advisor.

Check that the plan:

  • reflects your values and goals
  • is within budget
  • meets all our requirements.

Step 2: Discuss draft with your Property Planner

Discuss any changes you would like with your Property Planner.

After your Property Planner makes these changes, submit the 10YPP to your full board for approval.

Step 3: Sign and submit your 10YPP to the Ministry

Once you are satisfied with the 10YPP, minute this at your board meeting.

Then submit the 10YPP to the Ministry for our approval.

Attach the following documentation to it:

  • board of trustee letter of approval
  • initiation meeting minutes
  • current site plan
  • rough sketches to illustrate proposed changes
  • Condition Assessment reports
  • high-level reports from specialists
  • rationalisation plan (if required)
  • ILE assessment
  • Asset Update forms (if required)
  • confirmation of school hazard register
  • any third party agreements on file (eg for an early childhood centre or satellite unit)
  • invoice for our 10YPP contribution.

Step 4: Discuss any changes with the Ministry

The Ministry will check that your 10YPP meets our approval criteria. If something does not meet these criteria, your Property Advisor will discuss any changes needed with you and your 10YPP Consultant (Property Planner). If major changes are required, the 10YPP may need to go back for full board approval.

If no major changes are required, your 10YPP should be approved within 10–28 days.

If your 10YPP includes the use of top-up funding, or the use of 5YA funding to build new square metres (a footprint extension), we will submit it to our 10YPP Moderation Panel for approval.

The 10YPP Moderation Panel:

  • assess your entire 10YPP to check that the request fits with Ministry policy and is consistent with other requests throughout New Zealand
  • makes a decision within about another 28 days. If it does not approve the request, it will be returned to you for further work and may take a further 28 days to be approved.

Step 5: Sign the 5 Year Agreement (5YA)

Once the Ministry has approved your 10YPP, we will send you a letter giving our approval and include 2 copies of your 5YA for signing.

When you receive your 5YA, sign both copies and return them both to the Ministry for us to sign.

The Ministry will send back one fully signed copy for your records.

Begin projects in your 10YPP

Once everyone has signed the 5YA, you can begin the projects planned in your 10YPP.

All projects must meet Ministry project management requirements.

Your Property Planner can tender for your 5YA projects, but you must go through a separate engagement process and have a separate contract.

More information about spending rules:

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