Step 1: Engage a 10YPP Consultant (Property Planner)

A Ministry-trained 10YPP Consultant (Property Planner) must prepare your 10YPP.

Approved list of 10YPP Consultants (Property Planners)

You must choose a 10YPP Consultant (Property Planner) from an approved list.

If you have trouble using the list, please email

The Ministry provides a standard contract to use when engaging a consultant.

Training for 10YPP Consultants (Property Planners)

Training that Property Planners must complete includes:

  • Introductory Condition Assessment
  • Advanced Condition Assessment
  • 10YPP training
  • any other training we require.

A Property Planner also works with you during the period of your 5YA to amend your 10YPP as necessary and update Ministry information systems.

If other consultants ask you about 10YPP training courses, you can direct them to our Upcoming training courses or tell them to email

Getting quotes

How many quotes?

Where the total service fee is less than $50,000, you must obtain at least one quote from a 10YPP Consultant (Property Planner) on the list.

Where the total service fee is greater than $50,000 you must obtain at least 3 quotes from 10YPP Consultants (Property Planners) on the list.

To get a good comparison we recommend you obtain a minimum of 3 quotes whenever engaging a 10YPP Consultant (Property Planner).

What to send when you ask for a quote

Send them your 10YPP Request for Quotation (RFQ) [DOC, 364 KB] documentation.

The documentation must contain:

Can 10YPP Consultants (Property Planners) tender for 5YA projects?

Your 10YPP Consultant can also tender for your 5YA projects.

But they must go through a separate procurement process and have a separate contract for this work.

See: Project manager engagement for school property projects


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