Paying for 10YPP preparation

The cost of preparing the 10YPP depends on your school's size, type, location and entitlement.

Planning for your school is one of your core responsibilities as a board of trustees and it is appropriate you pay for it from operational funding. However, we contribute towards this cost as we recognise that preparing a high-quality plan involves significant time and money, and good planning delivers benefits to the Crown as the owner of school property.

For schools entering into new 5 Year Agreements (5YA) in 2015 and beyond, we have increased our contribution to 10YPP costs to reflect the new 10YPP specifications.

The payment is made on the 1st July of the renewal year of your 5YA. For example, the 10YPP contribution for a 2017/18 5YA Budget will be paid on the 1st July 2017. The payment is made directly into your bank account and you are not required to submit an invoice.

Ministry contribution

You will receive a base rate ($3600 + GST) and an additional amount for each teaching space you have up to your teaching space entitlement ($150). If your school already receives an isolation payment, you will get an additional amount in your 10YPP planning contribution.

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