Role of a project manager

Find out about the overarching role of a project manager on a school property project.

On this page:

  • Overview
  • Duties
  • Functions


All school property projects, no matter how small, must have a project manager.

If the project requires building consent, it must have a professional project manager.

As a project manager on a school property project, you must understand all the legal and Ministry requirements for school property projects.


Project manager duties include:

  • health and safety of the construction site
  • risk and issues management
  • timekeeping
  • financial control
  • record-keeping – which includes providing the board of trustees with all warranties, guarantees and compliance certificates at the end of the project
  • communication and information sharing – which includes distributing meeting minutes and monthly progress reports on all aspects of the project, attending meetings and responding to queries
  • problem solving and dispute management.


Project manager functions include:

  • helping the board of trustees develop its project brief
  • maintaining the project file
  • working with the school representative
  • helping the board appoint the project control group, chairing the group and joining consultants and contractors to the group as they come onto the project
  • making sure the board applies for police vetting for people coming on to the site during the project
  • liaising with the board to get approval and sign-off at various stages of the project, such as the designs, and progress payments
  • working with the board to manage conflicts of interest
  • completing the Ministry’s project management forms.

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