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Information for: Property Project Managers/10YPP Consultants, supporting Administrators and school users.

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The Education Infrastructure Service (EIS) has launched the Helios Portal, and the Ten Year Property Planner (10YPP) as online services.

  • The Helios Portal is a website for Project Managers, 10YPP Consultants, Property Project Administrators, 10YPP Administrators, and schools to interact with the Ministry’s asset management tool. It has building and site data, including: CAD plans, programme and project data, and future property plans. This new suite of tools has replaced the old Property Management Information System (PMIS).
  • The Ten Year Property Planner is an online application for 10YPP Consultants and 10YPP Administrators to develop (with schools) a work plan of maintenance and improvements for the next 5 and 10 year periods.

What do you have to do?

10YPP Consultants, Project Managers, Property Project Administrators, and 10YPP Administrators

10YPP Consultants, Project Managers, Property Project Administrators, and 10YPP Administrators who want to access plans and school data online need to have an Education Sector Logon (a user id/account for accessing education sector applications).

Your organisation will need to request an Education Sector Logon from your Regional Ministry Office.

You'll then be invited to attend compulsory training, on the relevant online module(s).

Two to six business days after finishing your training, you'll receive information on how to access the system.

From this point, you can access the applications from the Property Portal (external link)

If you already have access, but have not yet provided Evidence of Identity, you must provide this to your Regional Ministry Office for verification by January 2018, otherwise your access will be revoked.

For more information on access levels and the application process, please download the user guide and forms below:

Helios Portal & 10YPP App Access Guide (for 10YPP Consultants & Project Managers)  [DOC, 79 KB]

Additional School Request Form [PDF, 92 KB]

Helios Portal & 10YPP Access Request Form [PDF, 139 KB]

Principals, board chairs, executive officers

The Ministry provides an online access point via your Education Sector Logon (ESL), to property information for your school. Your ESL delegated authority will request access to the Helios Portal (the PMIS replacement) on your behalf.

For more information about access levels and the application process, please see the following link:


Training is delivered via self-paced online training modules that take 15 -20 minutes to complete.

The modules are on the Ministry's Learning Management System. When you apply for access, you'll be sent a link to the modules.

There are two training modules, one each for Helios and 10YPP:

  1. Write access - how to navigate and enter data.
  2. Read-only access - how to navigate and access data.

Note: 10YPP Consultants will have to complete both modules.

User group


Schools Optional (but recommended) to view data directly in the systems within the Helios Portal.
Project Managers (and administrators) Mandatory to enter data directly in the Helios Portal.
10YPP Consultants (and administrators)

Mandatory Helios Portal & 10YPP training to enter data directly in the 10YPP application. 


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