Property Management Information System

As a board of trustees, you can use the Property Management Information System (PMIS) to view your school property information.

Information available on PMIS

PMIS is a computer-based system that we use to record information about schools.

You can use PMIS to:

  • find property information about your school (such as school buildings, ancillary buildings, boiler, pool, roll numbers, financial projects)
  • see what funding is allocated to your school.

Accessing PMIS

Visit the PMIS website.

To find your school’s information, either:

  1. enter your school’s ID and press Submit, or
  2. enter your school’s name (full or partial) and press Submit.

If PMIS finds a match, it will transfer you to your home page.

If it finds more than one possible match, a drop-down box will list all the possible matches. Click on your school and press Submit to get to your home page.

You can also press Search. A drop-down box will list all schools in the database alphabetically. Click on the name you need and press Submit to get to your home page.

Using PMIS

Use the tabs across the top of the home page to find:

If you have any problems

Contact your local Ministry office if you have any problems with using PMIS or downloading forms.

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