Weathertightness and durability design for school buildings

Weathertightness and durability requirements need to be met when designing or altering school buildings. As a board of trustees, you must make sure your project manager and designer are aware of these requirements and sign off processes.

Designing requirements for schools

When designing or altering a building, make sure your project manager and designer know about our Weathertightness and Durability Requirements. Our requirements set out our minimum standards for building construction, which is a higher standard than the Building Code. They:

  • define products that cannot be used on school building projects
  • list products that must be peer reviewed if used
  • include requirements to ensure the durability of certain materials when used in specific locations.

Weathertightness and Durability Requirements [PDF, 3 MB]

Process to have Ministry check designs

To ensure your design meets Ministry requirements, all designs affecting the building envelope must be checked.

Depending on the nature of the project please follow one of the two processes below. The new processes from 1 September 2017 are as follows.

1. 5YA projects: Building Envelope Assessments

National Office will pay for these costs, this service will not impact the 5YA project budget.

The process is as follows.

Send projects for assessment

The Project Manager or designers will submit their plans to our Facility Compliance Contractor. They will assess the designs against the Ministry standard and the building code.

Email related queries or projects for assessment to along with the following information:

  • School Name
  • School I.D.
  • Project Description
  • Project I.D.
  • School Property Advisor

Assessment and feedback

The Facility Compliance Contractor will assess the plans and provide a report to the Project Manager/designer. Any areas of concern will be listed and highlighted on the drawings. If any major concerns are identified, the appropriate Infrastructure Manager will be notified. Solutions to the concerns raised will need to be worked out between the Designer, Project Manager and overseen by the School's Property Advisor & Infrastructure Manager.

Amend highlighted concerns

There will not be a resubmission process.

It's expected that any feedback or changes noted on the report will be taken into consideration and modifications to designs made as required.

2. Capital Works projects (and complex and significant 5YA projects)

The Project Manager is responsible for organising a weathertightness review from an independent and qualified professional supplier, at the cost of the project.

Prior to completion a project may be subject to a site audit. This will be done to check that any areas of concern have been rectified.

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