Development and operating of enrolment schemes for state schools

The following guidelines cover setting up a new enrolment scheme, altering an enrolment scheme and operating an enrolment scheme

The purpose of an enrolment scheme

The purpose of an enrolment scheme is to:

  • avoid overcrowding or the likelihood of overcrowding at the school 
  • ensure that the selection of applicants for enrolment at the school is carried out in a fair and transparent manner
  • enable the Secretary to make the best use of existing networks of State schools.

An enrolment scheme must, as far as possible, ensure that:

  • the scheme doesn't exclude local students and
  • no more students are excluded from the school than is necessary to avoid overcrowding.

Guidelines for the development and operation of enrolment schemes for State schools [PDF, 743 KB]

Pre-enrolment processes and balloting for out of zone applicants

Download the Instructions relating to the operation of enrolment schemes for pre-enrolment processes and ballots for out of zone students.

Instructions relating to the operation of enrolment schemes [PDF, 338 KB]


Refer to sections 11A to 11PA of the Education Act 1989 for full details

Section 11A, Education Act 1989 — NZ Legislation website (external link)

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