Contents insurance for schools

As a board of trustees you need to arrange contents insurance to cover your school for damage or loss to school contents. You can go into the Ministry’s Risk Management Scheme, or you can arrange your own cover.

Insuring your school’s contents

You must insure your school’s contents against them being damaged or lost. Contents include things like furniture, artwork and sports equipment.

Be aware that you cannot make claims for contents under:

Two options for contents insurance

Option 1: Arrange your own cover.

Option 2: Ask to be covered by the Ministry’s Risk Management Scheme which offers full contents cover.

Paying for contents insurance

If you’re arranging your own contents insurance, pay for insurance premiums using your operational funding.

If you go into the Risk Management Scheme, the levies for the scheme are taken out of your operational funding each quarter. The levies are based on a per student cost and show up in your operations funding entitlement notice under “Risk Management”.

Things that aren’t covered by contents insurance

Vehicles, such as vans, cars, tractors and ride-on mowers, are not covered by contents insurance. You need to arrange separate insurance for them.

Any damage that’s caused by contractors doing property work at your school is not covered by contents insurance. Contractors must have public liability insurance for any damage they cause.

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