Operational funding

Operational funding is the money your board of trustees receives from the Government to run your school and to achieve the objectives specified in your charter.

Operational funding comes with responsibilities. Your board must:

  • set priorities and manage your school’s total funding 
  • follow the National Administration Guidelines 
  • meet your obligations as good employers 
  • comply with legislative and contractual requirements.

National Administration Guidelines

You can use the Ministry’s funding calculator to estimate your school’s upcoming funding.

Ministry of Education School Funding Calculator (external link)

Operational funding is separate from your entitlement staffing and doesn’t include funding for property and large capital items.

Entitlement staffing

Although operational funding for your school is broken into components, the various funds are not ‘tagged’. This means your school has discretion over what the funding is used for. Your board of trustees is responsible for the financial management of your school.

In this section

Overview information about each of the funding components, including what the funding is for and the eligibility conditions.

Operational funding components

How and when we pay your school’s quarterly operational funding instalments. How to let us know of a change of your school’s bank account details.

How operational funding is paid

How to read and understand your school’s operations grant entitlement and instalment notices.

Operations grant entitlement and instalment notices

Operational funding rates for all state and state-integrated schools.

Operational funding rates

What resourcing rolls are and how we use them to calculate your school’s operational funding.

How operational funding is calculated — resourcing rolls

How deciles are applied to schools, which funding they determine and where to find schools' deciles.

School deciles

Understand the annual review process for schools’ deciles.

Deciles review

How to get comprehensive contents and liability insurance for your school and make a claim once you’re covered.

The Risk Management Scheme

About the levy that is applied to international fee-paying students enrolled at state or state-integrated schools.

International student levies

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