Samoan Language Week / Vaiaso o le Gagana Sāmoa 27 May –2 June 2018

The theme for this year’s Samoan language week is: “Alofa atu nei. Alofa mai taeao – Kindness given. Kindness gained”. , Gagana Sāmoa is the second most spoken language in Auckland and third most spoken in New Zealand!

This year’s theme profiles the very essence that being Samoan; o le loto alofa means in our society - any act of compassion and kindness is never in vain.

It asks children, parents and teachers to be the first to show compassion and kindness and other people will naturally reciprocate kindness and compassion.

"When and where kindness and compassion flourish, it knows no bounds and there is plenty for everyone. E le fa’atua’oia le alofa (love knows no boundary) is often heard when the level of kindness and compassion is high."(The Manulauti – FAGASA 2018)

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