Parents should keep in contact with schools and ECEs after further bad weather in the Canterbury region

With heavy rain and snow forecast to continue falling over parts of Canterbury parents are being advised to keep in touch with their local school or early learning services in case flooding or heavy snow forces schools or early learning centres to close.

Snow and flooding today closed 5 Canterbury schools and a further 2 advised parents to pick their children up early.

Schools closed today:

  • Windwhistle School
  • Glentunnel School
  • Southbridge School
  • View Hill School
  • Lauriston School

*     Oxford Area School and North Loburn School advised parents to pick up their children early.

Given the severe wet weather and snow is forecast to continue over night other closures are possible on Tuesday.

The best information will come from schools and early learning services themselves as they make decisions in the morning. Parents are advised to check school or early childhood service websites or Facebook pages or contact them directly.

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