Our assurance on special education

We have had some queries on whether the Ministry is proposing to cut learning support services to older children, in order to boost funding for younger children.

We’d like to reassure parents that older children will continue to get the support they need. 

This is our assurance:

  • Older children will continue to receive services based on their needs.
  • We want to get more help to children when they are younger, as the evidence is this will make a big difference in their lives. We plan to do this by changing the way we provide our services.
  • Over time, we expect this will lead to lower demand for services amongst older children.
  • If older children no longer need services because earlier intervention has been successful then the overall need for funding for those age groups can be expected to reduce over time.

Special education (learning support) has been rising strongly over time. It currently stands at $590m, a rise of 29% since 2009.  

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