New initiatives to recruit teachers

Initiatives are being expanded to help schools recruit the additional teachers needed for next year, after new analysis provides a clearer picture of demand.

The latest estimates are that up to an extra 650 primary teachers and 200 or so secondary teachers will be needed for 2019 – adding to the country’s pool of around 70,000 teachers.

The Government has made available an extra $10.5 million funding this week, on top of the $29.5 million already allocated since late last year to increase teacher supply.

The Ministry’s Deputy Secretary of Early Learning and Student Achievement, Ellen MacGregor-Reid, says “we’re expanding our marketing and recruitment drive, and introducing new initiatives – such as a $10,000 grant for schools to help with mentoring and training costs for new graduate teachers”.

At present only 80 percent of graduates get a teaching job when they finish training.

“We want to see all our 2400 newly trained teachers get started on their on their career next year – so they are able to contribute to the education workforce we need for the future.”

A three-year marketing campaign has been launched telling real stories from teachers - to highlight that teaching is a truly worthwhile and meaningful career.

“We’re aiming to get new recruits and career-changers to train as teachers, and encourage others to return to the profession, or from overseas to teach Kiwi kids again,” says Ms MacGregor-Reid.

“We’ve also reached out to 6000 overseas-trained teachers, from countries with similar qualifications, who have registered interest in coming to New Zealand.”

New and expanded initiatives include:

  • The introduction of a National Beginner Teacher Project so schools can access up to 230 grants of $10,000 each, to assist with mentoring and on-the-job training for graduate teachers. This will be targeted where there are shortages of teachers in some subjects and locations.
  • Changes to the criteria to enable more schools to access the 3R National Fund - making it easier to recruit for staff in shortage subject and isolated areas. 
  • Further support for teachers required to repeat or re-sit aspects of the Teacher Education Refresh programme - at no further cost.More availability of a finder’s fee of up to $3000 per teacher to help schools offset recruitment costs.
  • Increasing the number of Overseas Relocation Grants to match the expanded recruitment drive – for returning Kiwi teachers and overseas-trained teachers.Additional funding for agencies to process more overseas teacher applications.
  • Expanding the Teacher Education Refresh (TER) subsidy so it can be accessed by overseas teachers who require it to meet certification requirements with the Teaching Council.
  • Work with the Teaching Council to improve Professional Learning and Development (PLD) support available for overseas-trained teachers – including a focus on induction that builds the culturally responsive practices needed to work in New Zealand.

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