New approach to PE may be game changer for ‘Team Trident’

A Whakatane school is using a holistic approach to engage students in physical education.

Trident High School in the Bay of Plenty is using an innovative approach in physical education to try to get better results in student performance across the curriculum by changing the way it runs PE classes.

The new approach has been led by the school’s Head of Physical Education, Jon Stanhope.

He says that previously, too many students were sitting out PE lessons or not bringing their uniform. All too often, students were prevented from achieving good grades because, although they were athletic and good at sports, they were often not able to work in teams, could not self-manage, and forgot to wear the PE uniform.

So the school developed a new strategy to align key skills and values with National Curriculum measures and focuses on these curriculum goals.

Jon says, "The focus is now on the PE student as a whole, rather than someone who gains grades due to being able to jump, throw, climb or hit the furthest or highest."

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