Ministry of Education offers 9.3% to secondary teachers

Deputy Secretary Ellen MacGregor-Reid says the Ministry has made a good offer to secondary school teachers. The offer moves beginner teachers’ base salaries from $51,200 to $55,137 and base salaries for those at the top of the scale from $78,000 to $85,233. This is a 9.3% increase for the majority of secondary school teachers.

Ellen MacGregor-Reid says concerns raised by teachers are also being addressed outside the bargaining process. Budget 18 is funding an extra $20 million to attract more teachers and providing $270 million for extra learning support for children who need it.

The Ministry of Education and teachers and principals are working together on ways to reduce teachers’ workloads and improve teacher wellbeing. Work is also underway on a medium to long-term workforce strategy.

The Ministry is committed to continuing to work with the PPTA to reach a settlement.

Editor’s notes:

It’s important to note the majority of secondary teachers receive extra remuneration, in the form of units, for taking on extra responsibilities. 57% of secondary teachers are paid above the top of the base scale.

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