Ministry disappointed by union claims

Ministry of Education Secretary Katrina Casey says she’s disappointed with the mischaracterisation of the Funding Systems Review work being undertaken by the Government, the Ministry and the Advisory Group.

“A number of the statements made today by the PPTA and NZEI are factually incorrect. Parents, teachers and principals can see for themselves what proposals are being discussed on our website. We have been open and transparent throughout this entire process,” Ms Casey says.

“There are seven proposals that the Advisory Group has been discussing. Both leaders of the NZEI and PPTA have been part of this group.

“They know, that at no stage has the Ministry considered vouchers as part of this review and the Government has publicly ruled them out.

“A return to bulk funding, as understood in the 1990s, is not being explored. There is in no way a hidden agenda to reduce teacher conditions.

“What we have been exploring with the global budget concept is a way of enabling schools to have more flexibility to use the resources they receive, to support the progression and achievement of all children,” Ms Casey says.

“And children are at the heart of this funding review, which aims to ensure the right funding is going to the right students at the right time so that every New Zealand child achieves their full potential.

“No decisions have yet been made – in fact the discussions about these Funding Review proposals haven’t even finished yet. Once they do we will take into account all the views expressed before providing advice to the Minister,” says Ms Casey.

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