Access to the school's internet at home a game changer for Haeata

Students at Haeata Community Campus are set to benefit from an initiative that will enable them to access their school’s internet at home.

More than 2,400 schools and 811,000 students and teachers are accessing safe and uncapped internet through the Managed Network.

Network for Learning (N4L), the Crown company that oversees the network, continues to come up with innovative ways to connect every learner in the country to the Managed Network.

One of these innovations will be trialled at Haeata Community Campus in Wainoni, Christchurch. The programme is N4L’s response to lots of feedback that they’ve received.

The trial will look at expanding access to the Managed Network with the aim of enabling students to use at home the same fast, safe and uncapped internet they use at school.

“We know there’s a significant proportion of families [in our community] that don’t have internet access,” says principal of Haeata Andy Kai Fong. “So we had a conversation with N4L to look at a technical solution.”

Chorus is N4L’s technology partner for this project. Over the past weeks, teams from Chorus were installing and testing the technology prior to the start of the trial early this year.

Following consultation with Andy, who’s been in touch with students and their families about this project, the trial area will begin with two streets before gradually expanding. Students will log in to the Managed Network from their home using their school-owned device.

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