Here comes iEd – joining up student data and information to help drive better achievement

A system which gathers up scattered parts of student data and information and pulls them together into a meaningful form has received its first injection of funding

iEd (Integrated Education Data) is all about using data and information to raise student achievement and wellbeing. It will be rolled out for at least the next 5 years and uses data and information so that resources go to where they’re needed most in the education system.

A vital part of the iEd programme is ensuring that data and information about students is managed and used in a safe and transparent way. Any sharing and reporting of this information will be done carefully with only those with a recognised need being given access to the data.

iEd will also support Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako to set achievement challenges, evaluate progress and share information to improve student performance.

The first part of iEd is an initiative called SISI (Student Information Sharing Initiative) which has been put together by the education sector and the Ministry. When SISI is implemented, all educators will have accurate and reliable information so they can better support student learning and wellbeing.

Critical information about each student will arrive at their school with them on day one. This reduces the burden on teachers to re-test to see where their students are at and means they don’t need to go to previous schools for student information. SISI will start with schools and then be expanded so that information is shared between early learning services, schools and tertiary institutions.

As iEd develops the Ministry will continue to work with schools as well as a range of other important stakeholders, to ensure information is useful, relevant and can be safely shared. To learn more about iEd and SISI and get involved, email us on

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