Good news for learners - NZ and HK quals frameworks are compatible

A report showing the New Zealand Qualifications Framework is compatible with its Hong Kong counterpart has been released today.

The report finds that while there are some differences between the frameworks due to their contexts and intent, analysis shows they can be considered comparable. The comparison of the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) and the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF) showed clear links between the different levels in the 2 frameworks, with the exception of NZQF Level 8, for which no clear Hong Kong equivalent exists. Comparing Level 8 will be revisited once NZQA has completed its review of the NZQF later in 2018.

The report was released jointly by New Zealand and Hong Kong education authorities at the HKQF conference in Hong Kong on 17 September.

Secretary for Education Iona Holsted said the findings were good news for students in both locations.

“Improving the understanding of each other’s qualifications will support the movement of students, qualification holders and skilled workers between the two economies.

“As the report notes, it will also enhance opportunities for future cooperation between Hong Kong and New Zealand, which have a strong bilateral relationship and cooperate on a number of fronts.”

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority has been working with the Hong Kong Education Bureau to compare the levels of the NZQF and the HKQF, using a highly-regarded methodology called “referencing”, which facilitates the international recognition of the qualifications listed on the frameworks.

The project was completed as part of the Education Cooperation Agreement, under the New Zealand – Hong Kong China Closer Economic Partnership (CEP), which encourages exchanges between New Zealand and Hong Kong to develop greater understanding of, and confidence in, each other’s quality assurance and qualifications recognition processes.

Further information

The Referencing Report of the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework and the New Zealand Qualifications Framework  

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