Going up helps Newmarket School stay ahead of the game

Reaching for the sky is nothing new at Newmarket Primary in central Auckland, but its new multi-storey classroom block will help it achieve new heights.

The cutting-edge building now under construction will be 4 storeys high, with capacity to go even higher, to 6 storeys, if needed in future.

Construction on the $10.4 million project is due for completion in late 2017, and the design makes good use of the school’s limited land - one hectare - in a densely populated inner city area, while preserving valuable outdoor space.

There will be 11 extra teaching spaces, which are needed to accommodate rising student numbers. By building up to 4 storeys, the school is making best use of its tight site, which is on a slope and extends over 3 levels separated by volcanic rock retaining walls.

As a key retail and business zone in Auckland, Newmarket is expanding fast, with the skyline rapidly changing as apartment blocks multiply to house its growing population.

The new building will contain the new school hall and incorporates smart design features, such as a bridge walkway at treetop height to connect 2 levels of the school, enabling staff and students to walk under cover from the top of the classroom building, which will be on the lowest part of the site, directly on to the play grounds.

Principal Dr Wendy Kofoed says the new classroom block fits the school’s central city context superbly. “The block works around the school site’s building constraints, preserving the special character and features of this small and interesting multi-levelled site.”

The Newmarket Primary project is part of extensive work underway across Auckland to upgrade and expand the capacity of the city’s schools.

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