Change managers in Kāhui Ako

We have engaged a panel of change managers who are available to work with Kāhui Ako members to help them understand how best to implement operational processes and systems that support Kāhui Ako through change.


A key focus of change managers is being an enabler to help Kāhui Ako evolve rather than coming in to fix things that are broken.

Change managers are not the decision-makers and don’t arrive with solutions. Rather, they seek to understand where a particular Kāhui Ako is at in its journey by listening and gathering insights to determine the best way to help them progress.

Often there might be a gut feeling or insight into what needs to happen and help to articulate that feeling is all that’s required.

In other cases, several options might be presented so the Kāhui Ako can weigh the pros and cons and determine which solution will work best for them; and importantly, which solution they can sustain.

While the insights and advice will be situation dependent, outcomes are better when the starting point is an open mind, the change management process is a partnership and everyone is willing to learn, change and try different things.

Change managers, expert partners and other PLD providers will work with Kāhui Ako individually or as a team and that decision is based entirely on the needs of the Kāhui Ako and its stakeholders. Local Ministry advisors are available to help facilitate this support and ensure everyone is on the same page.


Four change managers standing in an office

Change managers who contributed to this article: Dr Gabrielle Wall (Leadership Lab), Mary Chamberlain (Evaluation Associates), Karyn Gould and Rona Simanu (Grafton Consulting).

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Change management support for Kāhui Ako

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