Artists to foster creative learning in schools

A new Creatives in Schools programme will partner artists with teachers - to foster new learning experiences for students of all ages.

The Government announced the new initiative today, being led by the Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage, Jacinda Ardern, and to be delivered by the Ministry of Education.

More than 300 individual projects within schools and kura, for students aged from years 1-13, are to be funded over four years from 2020 to 2024. Applications from schools are expected to open from October, 2019.

Each Creatives in Schools project will be a high-calibre and in-depth engagement. Around 24 individual projects, each lasting from 8–20 weeks, will take place in 2020, increasing to 153 projects in 2024.

The programme will involve professional artists, or creative practitioners, and teachers working in partnership to plan projects that provide new creative learning opportunities for students.

These creative learning experiences are designed to:

  • enhance students’ well-being
  • improve their core competencies in communication, collaboration and creative thinking
  • and inspire students to be aware of careers in the arts and creative sectors.

Each project will typically involve one school or kura and one or more creative professional, depending on the project. but it is possible some projects will involve more than one artist and/or more than one school.

There are approximately 2,530 schools and kura in New Zealand, so 304 projects has the potential to reach around 12% of all schools and kura across Aotearoa over the first four years.

Creatives in Schools

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