Integrated Education Data (iEd) programme

The Integrated Education Data (iEd) programme is a 5 year programme aimed at making education data more accessible for educators to raise student achievement and wellbeing.

iEd will ensure that:

  • Learners, parents and whānau have access to the right information to help learners succeed and reach their potential.
  • Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako (CoL) are able to collaborate around a common achievement challenge, improve their collective decision-making and monitor and evaluate success.
  • Education providers and government can use data to inform decision-making with evidence about what works, for whom and under what conditions.
  • Learners can access an enduring record of their progress.
  • Administrative burden on education providers is reduced from learner enrolments and compliance reporting.

Funding and delivery of iEd

iEd will be delivered in stages. As each stage concludes, funding will be sought for the next stage of the programme. Each stage is self-contained and the benefits of each stage are not reliant on funding for the next stage.

Initial work has been funded out of the Data and Analytics Contingency Fund, established in Budget 2016 to complete the analysis and design work. The initial funding will also enable us to progress work on some smaller scale initiatives to test new ways of working.

The first stage is the Student Information Sharing Initiative.

Student Information Sharing Initiative (SISI)

SISI is a key project within the iEd programme. It has the potential to provide a secure electronic platform so learners’ information can be transferred automatically between schools when a child or young person changes schools.

Find out more about SISI and how you may be able to help us identify the detailed design requirements. 


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