Christchurch Schools Rebuild Programme Newsletters

You can read our newsletters about key developments in the Christchurch Schools Rebuild programme here.

Issue 10 - will be available soon.

Issue 9 [PDF, 1.7 MB] - This update provides information on the progress of the programme, along with insights into two redevelopment projects that are nearing completion

Issue 8 [PDF, 295 KB] - Four more schools open as the Christchurch Schools Rebuild programme progresses.

Issue 7 [PDF, 810 KB] - the focus of the programme is gradually shifting towards design and construction

Issue 6 [PDF, 1.3 MB] - the programme is now fully underway with 2 schools complete, 5 new schools entering construction, 10 schools in the design stage, and 10 schools commencing master planning

Issue 5 [PDF, 210 KB] - the school engagement process, budgets, building guide, DEEs and major projects underway

Issue 4 [PDF, 168 KB] - minor works to keep schools operational, safe and secure before entering the programme

Issue 3 [PDF, 191 KB] - information about the master planning process and an update on key projects underway

Issue 2 [PDF, 274 KB] - capital investment programme and key school property developments underway

Issue 1 [PDF, 455 KB] - school property programme for capital investment and what has been achieved to date.

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