Asian Language Learning in Schools programme (ALLiS)

The Government has set up ALLiS, a contestable fund, to support the teaching of Asian languages in state and state-integrated schools.

ALLiS will support schools by setting up new, or strengthening existing, Asian language learning programmes. Funding is allocated to schools or groups of schools, with particular emphasis on those that establish language learning pathways from primary through to secondary. The fund encourages greater collaboration amongst schools in partnership with external Asian language and cultural organisations. Programmes must be self-sustaining once funding ends.

Schools that were selected in Round 1 have commenced teaching their programmes.

The Ministry is currently negotiating funding agreements with schools and groups of schools that were selected in Round 2. These schools will commence their planning this year for programmes to be implemented in 2017 and 2018.

Why was the fund set up?

New Zealand needs to increase the number of students learning Asian languages to support our growing trade and international relationships. International evidence shows learning a second language can also contribute to the development of a student’s literacy skills in their first language.

In August 2014, the Government committed a total of $10 million over 5 years to increase second language learning for all students.

Email if you have any queries about the fund.

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