School Records Retention and Disposal Schedule - consultation

We are currently reviewing a set of legislative guidelines for boards of trustees and school management teams on how to manage, store and when to dispose of records under current legislation. Consultation on this closed on 29 September 2017.


In 2005, the Ministry of Education along with Archives New Zealand drafted the School Records Retention/Disposal Information Pack to advise state and state intergraded schools how to store and manage school records. This includes information about schools’ legal obligations to hold records under different pieces of legislation.

The Disposal Authority, DA221 was approved by the Chief Archivist in 2006 (external link)

At the same time we developed an information pack to help schools with their school schools record management. This resource was developed in response to the Public Records Act 2005 and still reflects the legal requirement for schools under this legislation. 

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Consultation process and timeframe

Every 10 years the Ministry of Education, in partnership with Archives New Zealand, review this documentation and update it with the necessary changes.  Over the last 10 years there have been changes to education sector and the introduction of new legislation.

As with the 2006 information pack, we have also included in this documentation a section on historical memorabilia. This is not covered under legislation but maybe of some interest to school archivists and school historians. 

The documents below have been drafted by the Ministry with input from a sector working group. We are now seeking feedback from the public about what is included in the disposal schedules, if there are any gaps in our analysis and any other points that maybe relevant.


School records consultation documents 


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