Our new website

We’ve launched education.govt.nz! It’s the new website for the Ministry of Education and is replacing our 3 main websites:

We are having some issues with our search engine. If you can’t find what you’re looking for using search, go to Google and after typing in your search terms, type site:education.govt.nz and Google will search only this website. eg, school fire regulations site:education.govt.nz.

If you have arrived on this page from a minedu.govt.nz link then you may find the popular links list on this page is a useful starting point. You could also try Search or go to one of the 3 main sections of our website – Early Learning, Schools or Further Education.

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Our most popular links

Update your bookmarks

Now is also a good time to update any links or bookmarks you may have saved, so that they point to education.govt.nz.

Can’t find information?

Contact: web.channel@education.govt.nz and we will help you find it.

If something isn’t working

If something is broken, tell us by filling in this online feedback form or contact web.channel@education.govt.nz and we will quickly fix it.

More about education.govt.nz

Education.govt.nz is different.

We’ve listened to your feedback that our old websites were hard to use and the content hard to read. So we’ve:

  • improved accessibility by meeting NZ Government web standards
  • made our website viewable on any device
  • reduced the content and rewritten it into plain English
  • reorganised the structure and made it easier for you to find information and to complete your tasks.

Information is organised around the 3 education stages

We’ve organised information around the 3 education stages: early learning, school, and further education. In each of these sections there are specialised information, links to useful information on other websites, news and featured articles.

We also have a large section containing a lot of our policies, publications, consultations, reviews and strategy documents.

Looking ahead

Our vision is for this this website to become the gateway to all government information about education.

We’re keen to get your feedback on how education.govt.nz is working for you

We want this website to work for you. Tell us what you think by filling in our online feedback form or contact web.channel@education.govt.nz.

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