Early Learning Funding Update – February 2017

Funding reminders for the Early Learning Sector for February 2017 including Equity Funding results, RS7 funding period and Playgroup funding.

RS7 return update for October 2016 to January 2017 funding period

Services that submitted their RS7 returns by 8 February will receive funding overnight on Wednesday 1 March 2017.

Services that submit an RS7 return after 8 February, but before 6 March 2017, will receive funding overnight on Monday 20 March 2017.

Emails acknowledging receipt of RS7 returns are sent out to services. If you do not receive an acknowledgement email within 2 days of your submission, please check your system to confirm submission and contact the Ministry.

Funding payments are based on the information provided via the RS7 return. The March 2017 payment includes:

  • wash-up for October 2016 to January 2017; and
  • advance for March to June 2017.

The wash-up payment for February 2017 will be made in July 2017.

Funding advice notices are posted to services on the payment date. The Ministry does not provide confirmation of payment amounts prior to the payment date.

If you wish to discuss any ECE funding issues, please contact the Resourcing Division Contact Centre between 8am and 5pm on 0800 ECE ECE (0800 323 323) or email resourcing@education.govt.nz.

For all other queries, contact your regional office.


Resubmissions are available to correct genuine errors or oversights that come to light at a later date. They should not be considered a normal part of the process. ECE services are expected to do all they can to ensure the accuracy of all data submitted.

Resubmissions for the October 2016 to January 2017 period should be made electronically via ELI. Resubmissions can be made electronically up until 31 May 2017. After this date, services wanting to resubmit data for this funding period must do so via hardcopy submission of their RS7 return.

Resubmissions may be audited by the Ministry’s Monitoring Team to verify their accuracy before they are processed. Resubmissions relating to prior periods that are more than 12 months old will not be processed.

Calendar of key ECE Ministry dates

Please be aware that the key Ministry dates calendar that can be downloaded into Microsoft Outlook, Google calendar or Apple iCal is currently unavailable. We are working on a solution and will advise services when it is available again. For key funding dates please refer to the ECE Funding Key Dates for 2017 page.

Playgroup funding round for April 2017

All PG3 Playgroup Funding forms must be returned by 28 February 2017 to your regional Ministry of Education office. Payment to playgroups will be made on 20 April 2017.

It is important that the Ministry has the most current details for your playgroup. If your playgroup’s funding contact person, postal address or bank account details have changed, please notify your local ECE Playgroup Advisor as soon as possible. Incorrect playgroup details may result in delayed funding.

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