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The Government is working to safely repatriate foreign nationals while New Zealand is in lockdown. International students can now choose to leave New Zealand on scheduled commercial or foreign-government assisted charter flights.

In order to depart New Zealand international students must have a confirmed booking and a valid international ticket to travel to either Auckland or Christchurch airports. These students may travel to the airport by private vehicle, public transport or a take a single domestic flight.

Educational providers are responsible for ensuring students and their parents are fully informed of the relevant risks associated with international travel right now. They must also have in place:

  • A transfer of care plan for under 18 students that is agreed to in writing (digitally) by the student’s parent or legal guardian.
  • Appropriate and safe supervision for students under 18 to ensure that the wellbeing of the student is maintained during their transfer of care.

FAQs for signatories - students on commercial or repatriation flights

If you need some support for students to be met off domestic flights at Auckland or Christchurch International Airports, and/or support with accommodation, chaperoning, domestic to international transfers, then please contact:

Auckland: Debbie McGregor, email, Mobile: 027 415 0425

Christchurch: Tina Hartung, email, Mobile: 021 350 936

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Student name:
  • Student mobile number:
  • School key contact name:
  • School key contact mobile:
  • Request for support (chaperoning/accommodation/transfers – please specify)

Keep updated on travel restrictions through the New Zealand Immigration website:

COVID-19 response – Immigration New Zealand (external link)

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